Friday, 8 February 2013

November by Duddington Bridge

Oil on Board, 10 x 14 inches  SOLD

I painted this one back in November at a workshop, but finished it off today.  

Duddington, a village four miles from my studio, has this ancient arched bridge over the River Welland, where I gain an awful lot of my subject matter for my riverscapes. I've painted the bridge many times, at different times of day and in different seasons and weather.

The crisp morning light lit up the undersides of the arches to provide an obvious focal point, together with the willow on the left, its lit side set against the backdrop of purple-grey trees. The darkest darks are in the right foreground and the little projection of vegetation poking out into the shaft of light on the water.  Careful observation of the relative tones will help give the painting recession and reality if that's what you strive for.  If you're not interested in depicting the fantastic reality of nature out there, it won't help you at all, but then I doubt anyone who isn't will be reading this anyway!


  1. Terrific light effect, Peter - great stuff

  2. Once again what can one say just delightful. Ve

  3. I "have no interest in depicting the fantastic reality of nature", (well except for people!)but I sure admire folk who do. Yours, I think, is an exceptional talent, I swear I am breathing the crisp air and squinting in the sunlight with this one. It too is glorious. I have driven past Duddington on my way to visit the parents, who live in Tixover, and now might have to stop next time to see this bridge!

    1. Thank you Sharon! The same applies to people and you're a fine painter! You'll see the old bridge from the A47 to the left, about 1/2 a mile before the Tixover turn.

  4. Well done Peter! That's the bridge on Mill St. then, is it?

  5. It is the bridge on Mill St Kirk - have you been there?

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  7. LOL! Only by way of Google street views. I've done that with many of your paintings, Peter. Just want to be sure you're giving us accurate portrayals and not taking too much "license" with them. (wink) So far they've all been spot on.

  8. Ha ha, there's a spy above me! Thanks Kirk


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