Sunday, 10 February 2013

Willows in the Fog

 Oil on Board, 6 x 8 inches  SOLD

Just a little one today.  I love painting fog - it's deceptively difficult because the tones are so delicate and soft and close. It's actually easier to paint strong, contrasting tones produced by bright sunlight, which is obviously more vibrant and striking; but mist and fog naturally has an ethereal, mysterious, restful quality to it, if the painting is successful of course. 

A watery sun was just breaking through the mist, providing a little focal point left of centre for the eye to bounce off.  The entire painting was done with just three colours plus white, and the sun itself was the brightest light in the painting, using pure Titanium White, and everything else was toned down relative to it.


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    1. Thanks Sharon - just realised you and Sharon Elaine Dickerson Wright on Facebook are one and the same!

  2. Incredible mood to your paintings Peter. Best Regards


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