Saturday, 31 August 2013

Fairy in the Wood

Oil on Canvas, 18 x 26 inches

This is my last larger painting for my exhibition in Devon, so I thought I would include a Bluebell Wood, with a twist. The little girl behind the tree was playing in and out of a tent her mum had erected in the wood, and she was dressed in a bright pink fairy costume, so she just had to go in the picture.

There is an awful lot of paint to the square inch in this painting - a lot of texture impastoed on the surface with dabs from the palette knife and a well-loaded 1" household decorator's brush.


  1. Another red dotter Peter.
    Love the story line which many will relate too. Wish I could be at your show. Best Regards

    1. Ah, thanks Trevor! Would love to see you there, but appreciate it's a long way from t'north!


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