Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Sedge Warbler!

Janey and I went to the BirdFair at Egleton on Sunday and had a good time looking at the paintings in the Art Marquee, meeting my friends David Miller, the best fish artist I know, and his wife Lisa, a fine animal artist.  We also saw one of the BTO handlers ring, weigh and release this gorgeous little Sedge Warbler. This little bird often keeps me company when I'm painting by the river with its distinctive, quite harsh, warbling song, sung from the depths of the reed beds.  It's an amazingingly tiny little bird, and will soon fly off to Africa, an extraordinary feat for such a small creature.  I took this photo seconds before the handler released him back to the wild after his ordeal, being watched over by a group of onlookers!


  1. I know, in these times, that a wife should ONLY be seen in the shadow of her husband. How dare this woman be a fine animal artist 'in her own right'. A curse on you Peter for bringing such a situation to public scrutiny and shame!

    1. Oh dear, I've upset you Sharon! I couldn't agree with you more - what I meant was David was there with his stand of fish and bird paintings, but was pointing out how good Lisa is too. I'll delete the 'in her own right' bit.

    2. A bit of tongue in cheek ribbing, old boy, do not fret.


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