Monday, 6 January 2014

Slim Pickings

Oil on Board, 6 x 8 inches SOLD

This is the second of the four little paintings for Devon.  It's a view in my village from last February, the group of farm buildings making a pleasing composition with the backdrop of trees and the gorgeous old Willow on the left.  Being predominantly a bluish monochrome landscape, the lovely rich red-brick barn provided the perfect foil of warmth to the picture.  I included the two horses for a bit of life, one munching on the little patch of grass and the other sunning himself against the barn in the thin sunlight. The flooded foreground finally gave some nice reflections for added interest.


  1. F'Art, I love this! It is so David Curti-ish. Well done my love(r)
    PS Liv said she is going to London with Mark, but said thank you very much for looking and she is sorry she wasted your time. xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you very much Miller! I'll forgive Liv this time!

  2. Its amazing how much detail you have managed on such a small board. I also paint en plein air on 8x6 board but my pieces are a lot more impressionistic than yours. What size brushes do you use outside may I ask? I'd never be able to paint all those branches with the size of brushes I take out with me. As an art student, I've always been told not to use too small a brush, but I'm often not happy with some of the lack of detail in my outdoor pieces.

  3. Thank you Glynn. I use the same brushes outside as in the studio, a mixture of long flat hogs and synthetics. The tree branches are done with a No1 rigger and the foliage or winter tracery is done with a 1" Household paintbrush. It's always best to use as big a brush as you can as you've been told - stops you getting too fiddly. I strive to become a little more loose, but the illusion of detail always seems to come to the fore, even though I'm pretty fast these days!

  4. Thanks for the reply Peter, its a fantastic piece.


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