Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Willows in the Fog

Oil on Board, 6 x 8 inches

I find painting trees in fog the most difficult thing to achieve convincingly. It's the subtly close tones where the tree tops almost disappear into the mist that makes it so tricky - you really have to pay very close attention to get these right. I used my finger a lot to smudge where appropriate.
This is almost a monochrome landscape, with just three colours used, plus white, in varying combinations.  Although painting trees in fog is very tricky, I adore painting frosty ground, using my 1" household brush to get the texture required.  It's actually a little more challenging on this small scale, but still the big brush does the bulk of the work, just with more of a deft touch required Luckily, being a very young man......I'm able to wield it with aplomb...ahem. 


  1. I'm convinced! Being the same age, I can appreciate the aplomb.

    1. Ah, another fellow 'youngster' Andrew!

  2. Me thinks it's more a case of a-plumeting years.
    But never mind, both of you look younger than your and Andrew that is ; )

  3. PS love the fog, makes me want to walk in it!


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