Sunday, 4 May 2014

May Crops

 Oil on Board, 6x8 inches

This is a view near my village with quite a bit of artistic licence used. The oil-seed rape fields are as is, but the country track is acually a tarmac road, but having painted it, I felt it was a little too clinical, so I painted over it and turned it into a grass track, laden with cow Parsley that grows in such profusion at this time of year, and is known coloquially as 'ladies lace'.
I just loved how mauve the distant tracks and hedgerow lines appeared next to the brilliant cadmium yellow of the crops, and being complimentary colours, they fitted very nicely together and suggested the aerial perspective of the valley.


  1. Stunning - loving this

    1. Thank you Anonymous - love you too for making a comment!

  2. You've packed an amazing amount of detail in a small space. Loving the beautiful use of color and am especially in love with that gnarled tree in the foreground. Look forward to seeing your next post!


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