Monday, 5 May 2014

New Novel !!!!!

No, not mine, but my Janey's first novel, 'Walking on Marshmallows' is out now on kindle: 
Go on, make her day and have a read of it, it's brilliantly funny and will make you laugh and pull at your heart strings!  The hard copy, or at least the paperback version will be available at the end of the week - watch this space...

Many thanks to my painting colleague Roy Connelly, who has been an incalculable help to Janey the last few weeks, holding her hand throughout the publishing process, cheers Roy.

Writing a book is no easy venture, and as the great Christopher Hitchens said "most people have a book inside them, and that is exactly where it should stay!"  But Janey has laboured long and hard on this, crafting the story from her head, a process I and most of us wouldn't have a clue how to start.  She's been through the mill with it, at times elated that it looks good, at other times in utter despair - much like an artist - but somehow, she's finished it after much editing, soul-searching and questioning as to its validity. She would appreciate ANY input by way of a review on Amazon if you have the time to read and comment, thank you!


  1. Just bought this Pater, looks like a good laugh! Good luck to your Janey, hope it does really well for her. I will review it when I have read it, might take a while tho I'm a slow reader....I tend to fall asleep after a few pages.

    1. Ah, thanks so much Bev! If you like it and could leave a review, even the first chapter or so, it makes such a difference, thank you!

  2. Please pass on my good wishes to Janey on publishing her first novel.
    I am afraid though that I am not at all a book reader, but I am sure it will be a great success. Best regards


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