Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Receding Tide, Mousehole

Oil on Board, 10x14 inches

I painted this oil as a demonstration painting to the Victory Painting group at Lower Penn near Wolverhampton last week, and managed to finish it off yesterday in the studio. 

Boats with red buoys make very colourful subjects, and with a lively sky, this was a gorgeous subject, especially with the low tide exposing the weed and detritus on the harbour floor beneath the water.  I had fun painting the green exposed weed and wet mud, using my palette knife, not an implement I use very freely, but it is perfect for depicting mud and such-like of harbours and estuaries.

Life is incredibly hectic at the moment, painting frames, getting stuff ready for the patchings Art Festival next week, 5-8th June, and the little matter of planning our new gallery, of which more news very soon.

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  1. AWESOME! I like the boats, you really made these perfect!


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