Sunday, 24 August 2014

Off to Work at Dawn

Oil on Board, 6x8 inches

Another little painting from my current marine theme. I loved the plain simplicity of this subject, of fishing boats off out for the day's catch early in the morning at Mevagissey.

The sky was predominantly grey, with one or two breaks in it, but by gum, there were SO many subtleties in it - just the sort of sky I love to paint, with a lot of concentration required. Painted with just three colours + white throughout the entire painting, all manner of greys, blues, greens, purples and yellows were mixed.

To paint the sea, I painted horizontal bands of darkish grey, then painted in the vessels, did a little more work in the sky, then when the under-colours were becoming sticky - a great asset of Alkyd Oils - I was able to drag more greys and the bright sunlit area over the top.


  1. Peter what can one say only when your pictures seem to have reached perfection they astound us even more. May I ask as I find oils look lovely whilst wet but as they dry they loose their sparkle for me how is this achieved or is it a trade secret Ve

    1. Thank you Ve, you're very kind! There's no trade secret - sometimes the darks can tend to look a bit 'dead', but this can be remedied when you put a coat of retouching varnish on, which brings back the depth and lustre. That's all that it needs. Hope that helps! Best wishes, Peter

    2. Thankyou so much for that best wishes always


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