Friday, 11 November 2011

Down in the River

Oil on Linen Canvas, 16x22 inches

This is a painting produced from my wading about in the river back in July, from the Dragonflies' perspective.

I'm generally not that keen on really green pictures, when in high Summer, everything is green, but the bold pinks of the Himalayan Balsam and Willowherb add a touch of non-green to the composition.  

I love painting water when, as it nears you, the painter (or the painting viewer) in the foreground, you can see through it and what lies beneath the surface, and not just pure reflections the further away from you the water is.


  1. Oh Wow .. that really is stunning Peter.

  2. magnificent, Peter, wonderful to gaze at as Winter turns our Ontario landscape to brown & white.
    I have this painting as a screen saver, hope that is OK

  3. Hi John, thanks for your comment - I'll only charge you $5,000 a year for the use! I'm flattered.


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