Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Hare in North Leigh wood

Oil on Linen Canvas, 20x30 inches

Paintings of Bluebell Woods are always going to look a bit twee, but the sight of a sea of English Bluebells in Spring is just a stunning sight, so I can't resist. 
This quite large painting is, in fact, a re-painting of one I did over a year ago.  I've included the first draft below the revamp for comparison.  It's abit like those 'spot the difference' pictorial quizzes. 
I actually covered the entire surface with fresh paint, so there is a lot of texture that can't be seen in the photo.  I also felt the massive Oak was a bit central and the composition was therefore imbalanced, so I painted in the Silver Birch in the gap to the right of it to add balance, colour and depth.  I think it looks much better, but what do I know - I thought it looked alright last year until I got it back after it didn't sell at a Gallery.  We can always learn, even global megastars like me!
The colour of the photograph lets the painting down a bit - greens hardly ever reproduce well, and neither do lilacs, so this was always going to be a struggle getting the photo to look anywhere near the painting.  So, rest assured, the painting looks miles better than it does here!  If you're anywhere near Broadway in the Cotswolds, pop in to John Noott Gallery in Cotsold Court - that's its new temporary home as from Tuesday 22nd November until a new permanent home can be found for it.  It is very well behaved, needs minimal looking after and all its jabs are up to date, so are you the home this Hare is looking for? 
If anyone is thinking "what's he doing putting a Hare in a wood - they live in open fields"...well, there really was a Hare that scampered off when I was there.  There were fields near, so I guess he was also stunned by the riot of lilac colour!


  1. Peter, just bloody stunning is all I can say. "Well Jel" as the younger ones say these days. If you ever get fed up or sick of your amazing artistic abilities I'll gladly buy them off you. What I wouldn't give to be able to paint like that. Amazing work.


    All the best,

  2. Thanks Dave, you're very kind. You're very welcome to buy any of my work BEFORE I get sick of them!
    "Well Jel" - that's a new one on me. I need to get down with the yoof.....

    Dave D - are you with Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch?

  3. As always Peter..amazing work.
    All the best to you

  4. Hi Peter,

    well many people think of me as Dozy (and I probably am) but I'm afraid in this context I don't know these people.

    Oh, one other thing. A few weeks ago I sent you an email with some photos of some of my work, did you get it?

    All the very best,


  5. You're obviously too young - Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch - a big band in the sixties.
    I don't recall your earlier email with pics, so please send again, or give me the date you sent it and I'll have a look.

  6. Ok, Peter. I have resent the email and included a couple of extra photos of my work.

    I hope you get them this time, fingers crossed.



  7. Nothing come through Dave - try sending to


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