Thursday, 24 November 2011

Iona House Exhibition & new work at John Noott's

I have 11 paintings included in the Winter Exhibition, running from this Saturday 26th November until 15th January 2012, at the Iona House Gallery in Woodstock, Oxfordshire

The 11 PB paintings are these, previously posted on the Blog:

I also have 8 new paintings at the John Noott Gallery in Cotswold Court, Broadway, Worcs.,  details at:


  1. Hi Peter
    Hope it all goes well for the exhibition.
    Great paintings.

  2. Cheers Trevor, thanks a lot!

  3. I look at these 11, and all your work for that matter, and think "Is there anything Peter would paint that I wouldn't aspire to for myself?" If these don't sell out during this show there's something definitely off with art buyers in the UK.

  4. Kirk, that's music to my ears! Thanks so much for commenting - could you please publish it on the front page of The Times and the New York version!
    Best wishes, Peter


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