Friday, 25 November 2011

Summer Water

Oil on Linen Canvas, 20x30 inches

This large-ish painting is a commissioned piece of my local River Welland.  Set in July, the greens of the trees are a little more muted than in their vibrant Spring garb, so more satisfying to paint.

I seem to be living life on the edge at the moment, with so many committments, only just getting this latest painting finished tonight, in time for a lick of retouching varnish before fitting in its frame ready for courier collection.

Now, I can look forward to painting some late Autumn/Wintry landscapes - my favourite time of year.


  1. Living life on the edge? Let's not forget that painting is a lot safer than mountain climbing! This is wonderful Peter. It's the mark of a world famous master that can use so many greens in one painting and not have them become boring.

  2. Beautiful. A very tranquil scene. Its amazing what you can achieve when adrenaline kicks in isn't it :-)

  3. Hi Kirk, I was referring more to the busy-ness of life at the moment, rather than the actual act of painting on the edge, but you're right, maybe 'on the edge' was a bit strong! My wife (we're separated) had a brain haemorrhage 6 weeks ago and with zooming backwards and forwards to her house, walking her dog and running errands AND giving demos and trying to get paintings done to deadlines, it has been a bit 'edgey'!
    Thanks for your comments about greens - so true, but now look who's exaggerating - 'world famous master'? Methinks me has a way to go famous, well yes, of course, but master? Nay lad...

  4. Hi Sue, yes, adrenaline does help I think - I inevitably paint more furiously as an exhibition deadline looms, and often seem to produce the best work. Same as when I give a demo - the adrenaline certainly kicks in then, when you only have the allotted two hours to produce something decent, instead of breaking off to catch up with emails, or have a drink, or watch the birds outside, or....

  5. As usual, superb work with all the paintings, Peter.
    Good luck with the exhibitions.

  6. peter you certainly live in the fast lane dont know how you find the time to paint such wonderful pictures cant stop looking at them. Its such a pleasure keep going and thanks.

  7. Thanks very much Anon Ymous whoever you are. Have you got a cousin called Hippopot?

  8. Ha Ha dont have a cousin by that name as far as I know. Good luck with your exhibitions. Thanks for sharing your tips definitely inspired.Best wishes Ve


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