Friday, 22 June 2012

Pictures from Patchings Festival

I had a great four days at Patchings with the weather being reasonably kind despite the dire forecast, although we did have a mini hurricane which lifted up the steel support by my stand and moved it a full 6 feet!  

I'd like to thank all of you who stopped by and had a chat and watched me paint, and for your very kind comments.  Mind you, not many folks take the trouble to actually say you're rubbish to your face, even if they think it!

Here are a few pics from the show.  I completed three paintings during the four days, the finished images to follow when I've titivated them a bit.  I've spent every day this week colouring frames, ready for my exhibition next week in my village

Day 1 under close scrutiny, painting an oil from a previous Pastel painting

 Day 3 explaining technique and colour to an onlooker

 Day 3 sharing some frivolity

Day 3, some chap pretending
 to be me with a bald patch

Day 4, two avid fans 'sitting on my shoulder'


  1. Silly question .... colouring frames? Do you paint or stain them - assume they are wooden?

    Sounds as though you had a good time at Patchings anyway - despite the mini hurricane ... must be all that hot air :-) LOL.

    We are flying home to England tonight and will bring some lovely sunshine back with us ... long overdue in UK methinks

    1. Hi Sue, I paint the frames with Farrow & Ball paint, then either varnish with Ronseal water-based Quick-Drying varnish, or wax with Liberon 'Black Bison' Neutral Fine Paste Wax.
      Yes, it's been a bit damp here, but I don't mind it, but you can bring some sunshine!

  2. Thanks for the explanation Peter :-)


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