Thursday, 19 September 2013

Almost, BBC

Amazingly, 'The Culture Show' on BBC2 last night didn't make me switch over, because it was a portrait of Jonathan Yeo, fine portrait painter of various celebs, politicians and prominent people.  I actually thought it was going to be a really interesting look into how the artist went about constructing his portraits, but, alas, it quickly descended into lots of clever shots of the painter wielding tiny little brushes, side-on with sunlight glinting off the canvas, so no marks could actually be seen.  All we saw was the near-finished and final portrait of actor Tom Hollander, who was sitting for the artist, with no footage of the gorgeous, slabby strokes from large brushes, just the aforementioned arty-farty tickly dabs with a rigger filmed with more attention to getting sexy back-lighting than actually enabling us to see what was being painted.  The portraits were great, but what a chance missed to actually show us HOW they were painted, and I'm sure I speak for the majority in saying it would have been far more interesting to watch than just seeing finished paintings and poncey, pretentious lighting.  One day....


  1. Drives me crazy when they do that, I could scream....well actually I do... at the TV.

    1. In the wordsof our dear leader, calm down dear....! It's definitely not just me then!


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