Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Bank Vole

I found this delightful little chap just sitting hunched-up on the lawn just outside my current studio.  I picked him up and put him in a small box and gave him the once-over.  He seemed okay physically, apart from his left eye being closed, so it could be that he had injured it.  I gave him a few grains of bird seed which he gratefully nibbled at and then a Blackberry, which he ate half of after an hour or so.  Then I put him back in the hedgerow, well out of harm's way, and he had gone when I checked later.  So, I hope the little guy recovered enough and continued his voling life...

Bank Voles are beautiful little creatures, pint-sized versions of the endangered Water Vole, and at this time of year they feast on the abundant hedgerow berries and seeds, climbing easily amongst the spiky vegetation.

I mentioned this particular handsome rodent was just outside my current studio, because I am having a purpose-built new one erected at the end of my long garden, a 9m x 3.6m log cabin with a studio one end and gallery the other, so watch this space for news on that...

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