Friday, 3 June 2011

Art Disaster !

Today I had a disaster.  Some of you may have see the Mr Bean film Whistler's Mother in which our hapless hero destroys Whistler's great portrait of his mother. I've gripped you now haven't I - you've shuffled to the edge of your seat haven't you?  Marine House Gallery, where my one-man-show is on 16th July, wanted a new mugshot of me in the studio, so, as I had to use a delayed shutter and focus on my 'operating gown' set up on a plank of wood on my chair (don't ask) and then quickly sling it (the gown) out of the way as I sat on the chair to compose myself in time before the shutter released, I didn't notice exactly where I slung it.  You're ahead of me now aren't you......yes, that's right, I slung it onto my nearly completed Pastel painting that I was REALLY pleased with. 

I looked down after the camera took the photo, with an aghast and disbelieving look.  I had all but completely wiped three quarters of the painting off the surface.  I, like others, have wiped oil paintings that have gone wrong, but I've never wiped one that I was so happy with. I'll post the re-painted Pastel when I've finished it, but for now, here are three more Pastels completed this week:

 Built for Dartmoor
 Pastel on Pastel Card, 22.75 x 22.5 inches

This little guy just had to be painted - all legs and head with a big, beady eye, and covered in junior fluff.

 Donkey Oaty II
Pastel on Pastel Card, 24.75 x 19 inches

Donkey Oaty - get it?  I've painted 'Oaty' before; he lives at Banbury Hill Farm at Charlbury near Chipping Norton, a lovely Bed and Breakfast where I've stayed. Donkeys have a calm, benign look about them and they make superb subjects for an artist.  

 Winter Sunlight
 Pastel on Pastelmat, 16.75 x 19 inches

This is a cold, but warm painting if that doesn't sound daft. The yellow, orangey sun through the tops of the trees is a perfect complement to the blues and mauves of the fresh snow. The fallen poplar tree provided a nice foil to drag the eye back into the right half of the painting. Try covering up the tree with a pencil - the composition doesn't work so well does it - too left biased, right?


  1. Oh no!! Sorry to hear that happened. Hope you are able to refinish it and still be pleased. I think every artists has these moments when you don't know whether to laugh or cry.

    Your paintings above are beautiful! I'll definitely be back to visit your blog.

  2. Oh, you have had a Just william moment without him even being present. He usually gets the blame and was over 100 miles away signalling!!!!I am sure William will make up for it at Patchings!!!! Nice paintuns!!!!


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