Saturday, 4 June 2011

Breezy Day by the River Axe

Pastel on Pastel Card, 11 x 15 inches

Following on from last night's Blog post, this is the re-painted disaster painting. Easily the most time I have ever spent on a painting of this modest size.  In fact, it was an ambitious enterprise in the first instance tackling such a complicated subject on this scale - it would have been much easier to have done it twice the size.  It's fiddly trying to make the cattle and swans convincing using thick stubs of Pastel, but I got there in the end. Having spent such an inordinately long time on this, twice, this will be my very first painting with a £1,000,000 price tag, in my own lifetime, and I'm not Damien Hirst or Tracey Emin ! Hoorah for me !

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