Friday, 17 June 2011

The RA Summer Show

The BBC has done it again - last night they had the usual Culture Show Special on the Royal Academy Summer Show. True to form, it was an hour overwhelmingly centred on the pile of weird and bizarre male sperm receptacles that passes for art. 

Watching the art critics spouting their pseudo intellectual garbage about thoughtless daubs was classic - you could easily have been watching an episode of The Fast Show (for those of you in foreign parts, it was a comedy sketch show on the BBC). Three 3 inch parallel strokes of white paint on a small turquoise square adjacent to three similar 3 inch turquoise stokes on a white wall......I rest my case m'lud.

I went to the RA Summer Show once, about twenty years ago and have never bothered to submit anything to it, nor ever will, having seen what does get accepted.  On that occasion, one 'artist' had an old washboard on one of the walls, with a single squirt of Orange paint on it. There was a lot of excellent art as well, as no doubt there is in this year's show, but that never gets any airtime, naturally, on the BBC - it must be avant garde, darling - anything well drawn, with attention to perspective, colour and design is so passe.

Sadly, in my opinion, having RA after your name is now downgraded and largely meaningless. Tracey Emin, RA....need I say more ? There's just a C and a P missing !  It's an acceptance by a load of art critics who haven't a clue what they're talking about, having been to art college but can't actually DO it.  My friend and brilliant artist across the pond, Carol Marine, said she learnt nothing at art college except how to impress critics which is something she couldn't care less about and I wholeheartedly agree with her.  She and I and hopefully you reading this and thousands of others will live happily with the scorn of the burks who can't paint, but talk the talk.

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