Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Pictures from Patchings Art Festival

September Haze, Oil 10 x 14 ins

Poppies near Cottingham, Oil 10 x 14 ins
Spring Reflections, Oil 11 x 13 ins

The paintings above are 3 of the paintings I completed at Patchings Art Festival last week. September Haze was done a couple of weeks ago as a demo to Penn Art Group and finished on Day one.   

Thanks to everyone who visited my stand and watched me painting !  Here are some more pics from the festival:

With some fellow painters at the end of day 1, from left to right: Steve McLoughlin (Bush-Baby), Me (looking like my Dad in this one), Helen Parsley (a very friendly Lion) holding a glass of red provided by Richard Harpum (out of shot) and Alistair Butt (Halibut or Beaker)

Scrubbing in my next painting with thin Alkyd Oil

The block-in completed with my palette loaded with paint
A bit further on......

Further on still, with the distant trees more resolved and placing in the foreground tree with my big household paintbrush

Not far off now

Posing with the finished painting (close-up at top)

With Helen Parsley

The block-in of the next picture
Some details added
And more......(finished pic at top)

An attentive audience on day 3

"How does he do that with THAT brush?"......
"Looks easy to me"......

Wrapped up in my operating gown on day 4, when it rained all day and got very cold - I had frost-bite in three fingers

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