Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Youtube Slideshow

I haven't posted for seemingly ages, having been tearing up and down the country collecting frames, giving a demo (getting lost going only 29 miles - pathetic if your reading this across the pond!), sorting out prints and generally getting ready for my exhibition in my village this week.  I've also spent interminable hours on trying to put a vido-slideshow on to Youtube. I've tried 5 different software applications to this effect, all but one to no avail - it seems you need as a minimum a rudimentary understanding of quantum Physics to fathom the jargon and understand how to use the programs.

Anyway, I DID manage to post a video of the pictures to Youtube, but the images are disappointingly not sharp and half the outro message has been chopped off, despite looking perfect before it was uploaded, but if you fancy a look at my efforts, click on this link : 

I look forward to seeing some of you on Friday at the Preview Evening!


  1. Well you have done it now, made me homesick with that video and the music!
    leaving the old fella and coming back!
    PS. tried the trusty big paint brush method that was a laugh though!

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