Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Two new little-uns

 Slow River, Oil 6 x 8 inches

I filmed the entire painting of this one, with the intention of posting it speeded up on Youtube, if I can figure out how to do it!  If my brain CAN figure out how to, I'll post here with a link.

Incidentally, I've been asked SO many times about my DVD.  The lie on my business card that says 'Instructional DVD available', will, I have every faith, soon be a true statement.  Moves are afoot and in the not too distant future, it WILL be available!  Actually, it's just a cunning marketing ploy on my part so that you are all GASPING to get hold of one.  Sometimes, I think I'm too clever for my own good..........

Winter's Carpet, Oil 6 x 8 inches

When Autumn is done and winter sets in, the gloriously thick carpet of russet leaves adorns the woodland floor, and is delicious to paint.  Even in a painting this size, I have used lots of palette-knife work on top of my big-brush foundation, almost sculpting the paint to give the illusion of leaves.

These two paintings will be in my Devon exhibition next month.

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  1. Peter these two are wonderful, I am amazed at the knife work on the leaves, beautifully done.
    Also we might come and visit the London Olympics next year now that Tracey Emin is doing one of the posters!


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