Monday, 9 April 2012

Bluebells by the Teign

Oil on Board, 10 x 14 inches

Throughout the Midlands, Bluebells grow in profusion in ancient woodland, and Where I live in Rutland, we have some fabulous Bluebell Woods.  However, in Devon and Cornwall, Bluebells seem to grow everywhere, and here they were growing right along the banks of the River Teign - absolutely unheard of where I live. 
This little painting was more about the water than the Bluebells mind you, with that gorgeous, glassy effect that the surface takes on when looking almost straight into the sunlight.  Quite a contrasty painting, with pretty dark darks next to the intense brightness of the pure reflected sunlight high in the composition.  This sort of fairly fast moving water is much more challenging to paint, and being very clear, the stones on the river bed can be clearly seen, adding yet another dimension to capturing just the reflections. 


  1. Can almost hear the ripples of water passing by and a cool breeze wafting over the bluebells. Lovely and yes whilst you were grafting I was sitting in a caravan on a working farm watching the wild life in Beckley nr Islip Oxford..You did come to mind as after the rain the morning sun shone on the mud the tractors had churned up and glistened just like the effect you acheive in your paintings. Ve

    1. Thank you as ever Ve! I hail from Banbury, not far from Beckley. Yes, there is beauty in mud, for sure!

    2. Thought you might know. the area. I have a stepdaughter that lives in Kidlington. We have visited the area for around 20 yrs now. Just love the countryside. Ve


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