Sunday, 22 April 2012

Fresh Snowfall

 Oil on board, 6 x 8 inches  SOLD

I had a special request to paint a snowy subject in this size, so here it is. I do love wintry scenes; the almost monochromatic colours, but with subtle shifts of tones. We don't get many opportunities to paint snow in this country, but when it comes, it has a special allure for me.  This is my local river, the Welland, by the shallower rapids where I frequently wade across when it isn't in spate as it is here. I particularly loved the mauve far bank, thrown into shadow by the bright sunlight, especially the triangle-shaped old fencepost and vegetation.

This is the last painting for my exhibition at Marine House Gallery in Beer, Devon next month - 36 in total - I'm like Ken Dodd - I never know when to stop.  My hand has been a blur these last few months, and now I can sit back and relax for a day and do my VAT Return, lucky me, before starting on the next exhibition later this year.

You can see all the paintings in the Marine House exhibition, starting Saturday 5th May, by clicking this link to the Gallery's website:


  1. Hi Peter, see you changed Ken's tickling stick for a 1" brush eh. Well you're certainly as popular in my eyes. Hope all goes well for you next month. Ve.

    1. Ha ha, how tickled I am missus! Thank you very much Ve - much appreciated!


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