Friday, 13 April 2012

Cattle by the River Axe

Oil on Board, 7.5 x 10 inches 

The house on the hill provided a nice little foil and alternative focal point to the lazy grazers here in Devon above the River Axe again. I haven't got the time to give you all an entertaining commentary I'm afraid, so you'll just have to read the paper or watch Jeremy Kyle with your cup of coffee, whilst I get on with the next one.......


  1. Victoria WeedenJune 07, 2012 4:39 pm

    Dear Mr. Barker:
    I love your work! I am an American who has
    inherited an oil painting from a painter
    who signed his work W.E.E.H. 1883. The other
    words on the painting say "River Exe Devonshire",
    shown painted on a post. Do you perhaps know
    this painter? Any assistance you might conjure
    would be so appreciated. Thank you and have a
    wonderful summer!
    Victoria W.

    1. Thanks for your very kind comments on my work Victoria! Unfortunately, I can't help you with your painting I'm afraid. If you have any more information as to where you got it from, or any Gallery where it was exhibited, anything like that on the back, that might help. Or, possibly, if you took the back of the painting apart, it might have some other clues beneath. The River Exe is indeed in Devon (it's no longer called Devonshire), not far from where I painted the River Axe. By all means send me a photo of the paintin by email, to


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