Sunday, 8 April 2012

September River

Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas, 20 x 28 inches

Another bright, summery painting for the show!  I liked the feel of this one, the colourful vegetation of high summer just 'going over' with the bright pink of Greater Willowherb and the more muted pinky-purple of Marsh, Spear and Creeping Thistle now finished flowering, replaced by their fluffy seed-heads forming beautiful blankets of cotton wool gossamer in the foreground.  The bright green of the reeds were also taking on some of their more rusty, Autumnal garb. 
The reflections were fun to paint and slow-moving, unruffled water, presents a very attractive scene to depict in Oil paint.  I also liked the way the backlight threw lovely shadows of the foreground reeds over the water, and how some of the sheep on the far bank were sunlit and others were in the shade of the hedge.  All these subtle little details add interest to the picture and make the whole more appealing, hopefully!  A red dot next month will confirm that!
If any of you who would like to attend the exhibition at the Marine House Gallery in Beer, Devon, opening day Saturday 5th May, and would like to receive an invitation, please email me at with your address, thank you!


  1. Yet another very skilfully handled painting, Peter.
    As a matter of interest, how long roughly would it take for you to paint one of these larger pieces?

    1. Thanks Paul. Depending on the subject, it takes 29 years of practice and grafting and 2 to 5 days of execution! This one was fairly straightforward and took me two days. The Beer Beach one was 5 days.


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