Thursday, 19 April 2012

Field of Scarlet

Oil on Board, 6 x 8 inches

I know, it's a bit twee, but this was one of those "have you seen that poppy field" fields near my studio - one that everyone talks about and you can see for miles around.  I just had to paint it.  

Not much to say about it really - it is what it says on the tin. I made use of the cloud shadows throwing transitory darker bands across the distant fields and just over the horizon of scarlet blooms on the right hand side, just to break up the monotony.  In fact, I nearly called it Cloud Shadows, but that would have been a bit too deliberately obtuse I think.


  1. You are a lucky fellow to be presented with such a sight. I woke up this morning to the land once again being covered by snow! Great little painting.

    1. Thank you Darrell - hey but look at the country you've got. You've got a bit more of it compared to little old England!


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