Saturday, 19 May 2012

Daffodils by The Welland

Oil on Board, 9 x 12 inches

This painting was done as a demonstration piece for the Newark Art Club on Wednesday evening.  They were a lovely appreciative crowd to paint for.  I didn't quite complete the painting in the allotted two hours on the night, so finished it off back in the studio.  It was an exercise in how to paint trees and water and in paying attention to tones, in order to give the illusion of depth and distance on a two-dimensional surface.  Four different brushes were used after the initial rough-in with a warn Acrylix:

hogs to block in the distant blueish trees, the dark bridge to the upper left middle, the dappled field on the far bank and the sky,
riggers to describe the tree branches and the fence posts and sheep in the distance,
a 1" household paintbrush to paint the foliage and tracery of the trees, and the vegetation on the far and near banks,
a Short Flat Mongoose No6 Brush from Rosemary & Co. (unsurpassed in its efficacy for retaining its chisel edge) to paint the water and the foreground reeds.

Being an early Spring subject, the painting has a pretty vivid green colour scheme, save for the delightful clump of Daffodils growing on the far bank, which provided a lovely, bright touch of colour to break the monotony.


  1. Unbelievable. My jaw drops at each new painting you post. You are a true inspiration, Peter.

    1. Thank you very much Robie - you're very kind!

  2. And another piece chock-a-bloc with the excellence we've all come to expect from you .... but you didn't say what you used to create those tall grasses on the near shore. Hm?

    1. Thanks Kirk. I used the same Mongoose Short Flat No6 for the reeds - I'll add that to the commentary in case anyone else wonders.


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