Thursday, 10 May 2012

Exhibition Video

During the Private Viewing of my Beer Exhibition last Saturday, Tim Saunders, husband of Caroline Saunders who has written an article on me to appear in 'The Artist' magazine in July, made a 15 minute video, featuring a conversation with Mike Lambert, owner of Marine House Gallery and me, which you can see on YouTube by clicking on this link (appears in a separate window):
There's quite a lot of background noise from the thousands of fans in the Gallery, including Harriett, Tim and Caroline's delightful baby daughter, so you can't hear me very clearly, and I look a right grinning twit at the start of the interview after Mike introduces me, but if enough of you watch it, it might go viral...........


  1. Great to see your pictures framed and hung but agree about the background noise .... you'll have to chuck the paying public out next time :-)

    Hope you have plenty more red dots by the end of the exhibition

    1. It's difficult Sue when thousands are clammering just to touch me!

  2. You're very touched (obviously) LOL


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