Friday, 11 May 2012

Enter Stage Left

Oil on Board, 9 x 12 inches

Well, my break is over after my Devon exhibition and it's back to the grindstone to paint another 35-ish new paintings for my solo show in November at the John Noott Gallery in Broadway.

So, this is the first off the production line, depicting the river Welland just down the road from me, looking from a little hump-back bridge by the old Wakerley Station.  As I was looking at the scene, a Ewe and her two lambs wandered across the bridge of grass to have a drink from the sparkling water, providing a nice little bit of life for the painting.

I was hoping to get one or two en plein air oil paintings done in Devon last week, but having loaded up the car with my tripod, rucksack, brushes, spirit, I found that I had left my pochade box with all my boards and paint at home....the best laid plans.  I did have some watercolours with me and attempted one daub on site, but having not done one for over three years, I'm very ring-rusty.  Lots of people have said how much they like my old watercolours, so I shall endeavour to have another go soon.


  1. Clever title for this one Peter, you also look very happy in your video clip. Your work looks wonderful. Excellent self portrait too, but preffered the grin on video. Ve

    1. Thanks Ve - I was put on the spot in the video, so just put on my stupid grin!


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